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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 2 WoW!!!!

I would like to THANK everyone who took the time and read my blog!!!! I really got excited to know people thought I was funny!!
Thanks for the great pointers the color, the fonts and the encouragements.

Today my CRICUT should arrived from UPS!!! YIPPIE!!!!  Did I tell you my UPS guy is a HOTT too!!!!
I did make a Easter card last night I will share tonight when I download pictures. ( I only say that so you'll come back)he!he!
Lets see same old day kids to school and to Granny's house I go!!!! I did tell GRANNY "she's killing me SMALLZ making  me watch HEAT OF THE NIGHT and STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO on a 50" flat screen." UGH!!!! but like I said she's 81 and she will always get her away with me!! lol.....
How's this one last night Hubby says to "only call me Payday" I say "why?" " Cause u love me only on PAYDAYS" I told him "you can't call me BOOMBOOM then" him "huh?" me "you only love me on those days!" lol........He "you think your funny?" Me " as long as I make myself laugh that's all that counts" lol....very little makes me laugh.... Off to start dinner have long night with wrestling.  I promise I will put my card up by tomorrow
I can't wait for Cricut and to wink my eye at the UPS guy lol......
Thank u to all my followers!!! This feels Great

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  1. hey SillySilla...I am still trying to become a follower, but I must be doing something wrong because everytime i click on Follower..it won't let me...but anyway...just wanted to say hi and I look forward to seeing your card...take care girl...