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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My First Blog!!!!!!

I  read others BLOG and I'm nosy!!   So I'm sure other would like to be nosy in my life! I want to use to maybe vent, share some ideas, let others be nosy, and maybe make others laugh!!!!!! Like my Header says I have many titles I haven't mastered any of them, but I give it my all.
I wake in the morning wanted to be CRAFTY because before kids I use to make cards and be big time into rubber stamps.Today is the day I will find some time.  WHAAAAATTTTTT NEVER!!!!!
I get kids to school on time and no BLOWOUTS! like I said I'm not the BEST mom but I try.  I do make sure my kids have clean clothes, feed and make sure their in a GREAT moods to go to school cause it reflects on their day!!! (ONLY U CAN DECIDE ON HOW YOUR DAY STARTS)
Stop by Granny's (grandma) house to make sure she is up.  I have to keep her around for along time.   I  ask  her what she would like for breakfast?  "She tells me scrambled eggs, prunes,toast, and coffee."  What I'm I a  short order cook" but since she is 81 years old I'll do it!!! ( I always give in to granny)"  I  also tell her this isn't BURGER KING she can't have it her way"  Only my granny gets  my sense of humor.  She says" I keep her on her toes!"  I tell her " it's hard when you only stand at 4 feet" I love that lady!
Time to pick up kids still haven't craft been thinking about it"
I have to make them a snack before wrestling practice. I mean making snack is telling them what they can and can't make themselves to eat.
Just informed Hubby dinner is leftovers cause I'm too busy try to BLOG for the first time.  He walks over to make sure I'm not having a online affair!! WTH (what the Heck)ugh!!!! if I had time it wouldn't be on line hunny!
Still thinking about scrap booking maybe I'll take my GYPSY since I bought it a week ago haven't used it cause I haven't gotten my CRICUT back since I had to return it.  I have 2 whole hours to kill while my kids and hubby are in wrestling maybe I'll finish reading my book but I really want to make a card!!!
I just rambled on!! But u know it felt good.
Please come and I can tell more about my boring days or if I can get comfortable enough I do have DRAMA too! he!he!he People love juicy drama especially when it's not theirs lol.....


  1. Oh SillySilla, i just read your first post...and I laughed so hard...you are a fresh, funny, scrappy blogger. i look forward to more of your posts. I tried to click on your "follower" button and it won't let me. Darn it...I wanted to be your first follower but I see that someone else beat me to it. Keep up with your blog because i will truly come back to visit....God Bless

  2. Good luck with your blog. Can't wait to see your creations.

  3. Good luck with your blog. I am currently trying to create one too, but can't seem to find the time to learn the ins and outs. I am a follower.

  4. I just started my blog yesterday. It is exciting, isn't it! Wish you all the best with yours.